Welcome to the United Federation of Planets Peace Operations: Starfleet. Whether you serve as a science officer, in the engineering division or are simply an ultimate fan of the Star Trek series, make it official with a Star Trek Communicator Badge. The cosplay-ready replica pins, from The Next Generation to Star Trek Voyager, feature the iconic delta-shaped Starfleet insignia to complete your costume.

Combadges replaced communicators as the main source for on-board communication and quickly became one of the most iconic, recognizable accessories on the Starfleet uniform. From replica badges created from the exact molds used in the show, such as the Voyager badge seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, to special 50th Anniversary pins honoring five decades of exploring the final frontier, these badges are a must-have for Star Trek uniforms and costumes. Use it to communicate on board the ship, as a distress beacon or as a way to distinguish yourself as a true Trekker. Whichever way you wear it, live long and prosper with your communicator badge.