50th Anniversary
It’s been 50 years since Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek The Original Series landed. In the words of Captain Kirk, “. . . a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars.”

Join the celebration with fans the galaxy over. From the conventions to the house parties, don the most stellar T-shirts and accessories to outfit your Vulcan-inspired life. In addition to impressive ensembles, dress up the home you call spaceship. While the Starship Enterprise was not built in a day, the Star Trek store’s selection of merchandise from décor to entertainment can transform any humble starship in warp speed. Add a poster or a board game and set those phasers to stun.

Celebrating a Trekkie with a stardate coming up? A birthday gift like our genuine collection of Star Trek Coins would be just the thing along with Spock’s salute, “Live long and prosper.”