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The missions aboard the Starship Enterprise can be complicated but shopping shouldn’t be. Indeed it’s highly illogical to miss out on the Star Trek Store’s stellar selection with our handy Shop By Category guide.

Discover logo T-shirts for men and women inspired by The Original Series TV series, The Next Generation, and the Star Trek Voyager TV show. Our cosplay-ready uniforms and costumes include official command clothing. And don’t miss our 50th Anniversary Magnetic Badge, complete with an Anniversary logo on the delta-shaped Starfleet insignia.

Hosting the next cadet commencement ceremony? Don’t forget the décor. A retro art collection poster is sure to illicit a “Fascinating!” or two. Add festivities with some board games sure to make it a stellar event to remember. Hosting an outdoor get-together? Impress all your Trekkie friends with our latest drone and boldly go where no man or woman has flown before.