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Star Trek III Klingon Bird of Prey Commander Kruge Cloaked Electronic Starship with Light & Sound

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  • Dimensions: 12.5" length, 19" wingspan
This exclusive Klingon Bird of Prey is based on Commander Kruge's personal ship, as seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Partially cast in translucent plastic to simulate a Klingon cloaking device, this Bird of Prey measures 12.5 inches long with a wingspan of 19 inches! The wings on the Bird of Prey raise and lower so you can display it in flight on its Klingon-symbol stand. And of course the ship features movie-specific lights, sound effects and dialogue that activate at the push of a button.

Features and Sound Chips include:

'Well done Valkris'
'Disengage cloaking device'
'Emergency power!'
'Get out of there!'
SFX - Decloaking
SFX - Disruptors firing
SFX - Thrusters
SFX - Torpedo firing

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